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During the study many homeworks have to be written. In particular, the first housework presents the students with special challenges.

Scientific work requires an intensive examination of the topic. A literature search must be carried out using suitable databases, the work must be structured, a table of contents must be drawn up.

The scope is usually between 8 and 15 pages. Therefore, for chores, it is important to work closely on the subject. There is a risk that too much is written around the actual topic. Especially with a small number of pages of the housework must therefore be focused on the research question.

It is not easy to filter the relevant information from the most diverse literature and to present it in your own words shortly. Nevertheless, a housework also requires a basic structure, which usually consists of introduction (problem definition and objective), main part (main topic) and conclusion (summary).

The art in the preparation of a housework is now to work out a common thread and build a scientific suspense. In the end, the housework should provide a concrete answer to the research question and possibly provide an outlook. However, the requirements of the universities, professors or lecturers are also very different with homework.

Partly concrete specifications are made, such. For example, the integration of a small case study, sometimes you are relatively free in the preparation. We cater to all individual requirements when writing your homework.

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