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A dissertation is the culmination of the academic career. The preparation of the dissertation is associated with an enormous amount of research and analysis. Quite apart from the reading poem. It requires a profound scientific examination of a specific topic and a research gap.

Well-known theories are to represent, theses / counter-theses are to create and to check, new knowledge should be generated. Most disciplines require the processing of English literature, preferably from highly ranked journals.

Several hundreds of sources have to be processed for a dissertation. The scope of an Inauguraldissertation (inaugural / introductory dissertation) is quite different: one supervisor 80 “crisp” pages enough, other professors require a volume of several hundred pages. On average, the dissertation comprises about 150 pages.

Mostly an analysis part is to be created, which includes extensive calculations, a separate model is to be developed, etc. Processing periods of one to four years are common. A laborious and often frustrating work.

But the acquisition of the doctorate pays off in later professional life. While a lawyer with a master’s degree receives a starting salary of approximately 45,000 euros, the doctorate earned on average earns slightly more than initially 78,000 euros. In the natural sciences, it is about 12,000 euros more initial salary, with the BWL-ern still 6,500 euros.

Write a dissertation

The supervision of a doctoral student causes a great deal of time for both the doctoral student and the professor. Many Ph.D. fathers can or do not want to take this time. The doctoral student is often left in the rain with his diss. The team of our Ghostwriters will help you to prepare your dissertation.

An experienced and self-taught author leads you to your doctorate. It is worked strictly according to your specifications. The guide of your university is strictly observed. On a high quality elaboration is respected.

Classic and latest literature processed, depending on what is required. Regular partial deliveries are agreed and feedbacks are processed. Of course, at the end of a Plagscan and a review will be performed.

The price for writing a dissertation can only be determined individually. Too different are the departments, the requirements, the time required. Please send us a request via our contact form or call us, so that we can familiarize ourselves with your dissertation project and make you an offer.

Have your dissertation written by a professional ghostwriter. We take over the work – you relax!

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